coach | chrissy biele


Chrissy received a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University and her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and minor in Psychology from Villanova University. She coached for Special Olympics and managed the Villanova men’s club ice hockey team. She has been an orthopedic and sports medicine PT for over 10 years, working with hundreds of athletes on high school, collegiate and professional levels.

Chrissy's experience and knowledge is never ending as she constantly seeks education from the best in the industry of health, fitness and nutrition on a regular basis which she uses to provide exceptional knowledge, care and support for the members of Dub Fitness.

coach | lottie chipego


Lottie received a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Saint Francis University. She also holds a professional fitness certification with International Sports Sciences Association. 

No matter what your skill level, individual needs or level of experience, you can find comfort in knowing that Lottie will give you the workout that’s best for you as an individual and show you the patience, empathy and support that you deserve. 

Owner | Erica webster


Erica is a fitness professional in Montgomery County who has helped thousands of people reach their fitness goals and improve their health through her business, Dub Fitness, since 2014.

Erica has a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from West Chester University and has been a certified fitness professional for over 7 years. During that time she has used her passion, knowledge and experience studying alongside some of the most renowned professionals in the world to help thousands of clients improve their health, feel and look amazing and build a newfound confidence in themselves! 

No matter your level of experience, health condition or overall ability you can join the thousands of others that have made the same transformation under the guidance of the programs Erica created at Dub Fitness.

You never have to do it alone.

We have a knowledgeable coaching staff who will keep you active and motivated every day. 

coach | becca colantuno


Becca attended Auburn University where she received a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology.  She has used her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology to understand and implement the best ways to interact and provide service to all individuals at Dub Fitness. She also holds a professional fitness certification with International Sports Sciences Association. 

In her years of experience working with all ability levels and skills, she has developed the knowledge to help ANY person achieve results they never thought possible. Becca has worked with hundreds of clients and has been exceptional in helping our members achieve new levels of fitness, flexibility and endurance that they were never able to achieve.