​​​"I really get a good work out. Good company, very organized and a variety of exercises. Army veteran and a strong woman!!"

​-Barb Hanson 

"Dub Fitness has been able to help me light that fire of my inner athlete that I thought was lost forever. After my first class at Dub, I knew this was the place for me and that Erica and the other coaches were the ones to get me going again with their creative and innovative ways that they motivate us to improve and and reach our goals.
The Dub Community is supportive, enthusiastic, energetic, empowering and accepting of all fitness levels.
Dub is a like a club you go to get your "butt-kicked" and you come out smiling!
-M. Birnbrauer


"Dub is awesome! It's the only thing that got the scale moving after the birth of my second child. Erica and the other coaches push you to work hard, but somehow still make it fun. Everyone is at a different fitness level; but they are so supportive and make you feel welcome. It's truly a no judgement zone."

​-Shannon McCann Boyd


"People ask me why I pay to do this....I say why not it kicks my butt and I feel great after!!! Erica is a great motivator!!!! I definitely recommend if you want positive change in not just your body but your attitude as well!!!!"

​-Katie Gleason 

​​​"This place rocks! Great workout with an amazing coach who pushes you to see results. Such a fun atmosphere and group to workout with (this coming from someone who hatedddd working out)!!"

-Cristen Koleda

​​​"Erica has made me enjoy working out and I never dreamed that was possible. She motivates you to do your best and she encourages you to keep going when you think you can't. I love Dub Fitness!"

​-Ryanne Paolini 

"I've been an athlete and therefore worked out for most of my life. Running has been my go to for the past 8 years, but I needed something else to keep my happy. I have a gym membership and don't go. I tried crossfit and it wasn't a fit. I signed up for Orange Theory and didn't feel totally comfortable with the instructors or clientele. Enter Dub. From the coaches to the other participants I felt like I had found a healthy "home" from day one. I've never been so challenged and then rewarded and it's that way after every single class. I couldn't appreciate these women more!"

-Betina Roher 

"Erica is the kind of coach that sweats with you and expects your best effort while encouraging you to "keep your eyes on your own paper" and strive to best only yourself in workouts. Her knowledge, teaching ability and overall demeanor made me stick around and are the three reasons I won't go anywhere else. No more wandering from gym to gym meandering from piece of equipment to piece of equipment hoping for results and guessing about technique for me! Erica is the real deal and takes the guess work out. I'm grateful I've found her and dub fitness."

​-Jessica DiGati Massanova 

"Dub is the best thing that has happened to me...for me. As a wife and mom of 4, I began pushing me to the side. Dub helped me revive me physically and mentally. I was accepted immediately, supported unconditionally and pushed hard. The workouts transformed my body physically so that I am comfortable in my own skin and mentally broadened my idea of "limits" and realizing those are only self-imposed. The dedication it has taken from Erica (the owner), the coaches and members to create and foster this is unrivaled feeling of family and support is immeasurable. Dub is an experience. Dub is family."

​-Becca Myers Colantuno

(610) 704-0995   |   DubFitness1@gmail.com   |   303 E. Church Road, KOP, PA 19406

​​​"Erica is a great instructor. Erica works with you to help you be your best even when you feel you are at your worst! Her positive energy is infectious!"

-Robin Stutzman

"Erica and DUB Fitness has changed my life forever! I am a 45 year old woman in almost the best shape of my life because of her direction! After two kids and several back surgeries I thought I would never be in shape again. She is very talented in knowing how and when to push me to my limits. I highly recommend anyone looking to change their lives and the way they look at fitness!"

-Monica Pedano

"I moved from out of the area and was struggling to find a gym "home" away from my gym home where I am from! The coaches are extremely knowledgeable. They care about you and want you to push yourself to the best you can be. The members are fantastic! Everyone welcomes everyone and cheers each other on! I truly love working out here.

​-Lottie Marie 

" It's so hard to explain what makes this gym different-you just have to experience it for yourself. It's a place where you can feel comfortable stepping outside your comfort level, a place to have open conversations with the trainers about what you can and cannot physically do, a place where you make (and keep) friends who are from all walks of life. This is not a gym, it's a family. We celebrate with each other, cry together, encourage each other, and check up on each other. Its not easy but it is doable for anyone."

-​Katie Wallace Malcolm

​​​"It's not everyday someone will kick your butt and you thank them for it. Erica is awesome and this morning's workout was great. I'll definitely be back :)"

​-Shannon Maguire 

"Since day one the team work, support, dedication from every single person is amazing!!! I'm addicted to dub lol.... my fam squad"  😄 

-Nicole Pitale

"Erica is an amazing trainer! She is able to modify workouts to fit your skill level and she always tries to make sure you have correct form. She is very easy to talk to and always has a smile on her face! Joining Dub Fitness, I feel like a part of a small community where everyone encourages each other and celebrates our small victories."

-Lindsay S. 

​​​"This place has changed my life, I actually look forward to working out. Erica is awesome!"

​-Michelle May 

​​​"Erica does an AWESOME job!!! She really makes you feel confident and comfortable training and is extremely friendly and approachable!"

​-Devin Gage 

"The community and support group you have from day 1 of walking into the building. A true judgment-free zone. Never felt so challenged or accomplished."

-Jess Raspa 

Dub not only helps you accomplish your goals - it pushes you to demolish them! But it's more than just fitness - it's the camaraderie and support from other members, both in & out of the gym. And it's the expertise and compassion of the coaches. They not only encourage, support and challenge you, but they truly care about each & every member.

​-Gabriella Wheeler

"Dub pushes you to try things you never thought possible and then takes your hand and pushes right along with you. It's a team, a family, a safe place where even your worst days are obliterated by amazing workouts & friendly, judgement free coaches & members."

-Angela Guidetti Trofa 

​​"It's amazing how much energy I have and how great I feel each and every class. I the way Erica mixes it up each night. Her endless enthusiasm is contagious. Highly recommend getting your Dub on :)"

-Christine McCann

"Personally know Erica puts her heart and soul in everything she does! Especially helping people become the best they can be!!!"

​-Nicole Higgins


The camaraderie, the no judgments when you walk through the door. They Challenge you, to do things you never thought you could do, and the encouragement from the other members, no one left behind.

-Mary Kay Blaszczak-Rea