Jenny Kreischer

Jenny Kreischer



Back Squat - 185 lbs

Deadlift - 225 lbs


CPR/AED Certified

About Coach

I have always loved playing sports and watching sports. In high school, I competitively played Basketball, Softball & Volleyball. Fitness is my therapy! I love pushing myself every day, seeing what limits I can exceed. I believe anything is possible with hard work, discipline and consistency.

Turning Point

My grandmom aka Nan was my cheerleader. We did everything together, from exercising, playing basketball, bowling in leagues, cooking, and watching the Phillies, (Our favorite player was John Kruk). In July 2013 my world was crushed, and my Nan was gone. I stopped exercising, stopped bowling, started eating junk food and just didn't enjoy life. Fast forward to Christmas 2016 I got sick and was out for two weeks. This is not the way my grandmom wanted to see me, I knew then I needed to make a change for myself and my family. "Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live"

Motivation & Passion

Cardio = Lift weights faster! When you think you can't lift more, I am that person in your ear saying yes you can, lifting right beside you. There is no better feeling as a coach than having a member obtain a goal, something they may have thought was impossible. Working out is not a punishment, I will challenge you, I will push you, will laugh & cry with you, & assist you to reach your goals.

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